We bring people together and build the internal bridges your company needs to move ahead.
We bring people together and build the internal bridges your company needs to move ahead.

Our Approach

Thick Ideas works with business owners to help them grow their bottom line.  We empower you and your team to make decisions with confidence.  Companies work best when they have the right people, in the right positions, making the right moves.  We will listen and enable you to understand how to get your team motivated to willfully lend their strengths to build upon a better foundation for any size project.

We do this by listening and providing you with feedback that counts.

Our Story

Thick Ideas began as a small design and consulting company based in South Texas in 1989 interested in helping Small to Medium Businesses to understand their true potential in reaching and interacting with their customers.

Today our team’s sphere of influence now attracts major Enterprise customers and has reached all 50 states and Canada.  We continue to enjoy experiencing the satisfaction of completing major projects and finding new customers for life.


JP Bergman

Founder & CEO

Hello!  My name is Jon Paul Bergman.  Much like you, throughout my career I have come to find that many of my customers and contemporaries have become personal friends.  These relationships have allowed me to surround myself with some of the most talented people available across many different industries.

When I first started Thick Ideas, the dream was simple.  I knew my business skills combined with my marketing background could help me achieve what I love most.  And that is helping people to grow their business.   I believe that it is my honesty, integrity and openness that have allowed me to be blessed with the experience I bring to the table for you and your team.  My career has gone from one-on-one simple brainstorming sessions and logo design to working with CIOs and other Executive management teams to make multimillion technology decisions.