Whether it is working in Silicone Valley during the technology boom in the early 2000s, working to help major Enterprise to become PCI compliant since 2007, or mitigating virtual security threats, for nearly twenty years Thick Ideas brings decades of experience in working with C-Level Executives for some of the world’s Fortune 100.  We can evaluate your current technology roadmap and help you to achieve your goals while keeping within budget.

We have worked for some of the world’s largest technical and telecommunications companies.  And we have learned a lot!

Broadband and Dedicated Connectivity

Not all broadband is the same and neither are the providers.  Regardless of who we use, you will always get the best speed for the best price. All businesses need the Internet to communicate with clients and employees. Thick Ideas works hard for you to provide you the safe and reliable connectivity that makes sense for you and your environment.

Service Delivery

We help you to navigate through the minefield known as a “broadband roll-out.”  Roll outs are never easy.  Neither are the SLA negotiations.  We have been through both and seen it from both sides.  In the end you need a solid prequalification and SLAs that will not take ten attorneys and ten years to realize.

Virtual Security

Thick Ideas helps to create the safest environments for your corporate network.  Whether we are mitigating rogue wireless devices, DDoS attacks or blocking ransomware from hitting your email box, we work within your corporate policy and budget to ensure you are kept off the evening news.